We build highly performant applications

We engineer, design, and develop web applications and products for startups, companies and ourselves.

Identify problem

We identify the problem one or more merchants are facing by talking with them.

Prototype simple solution

We use the information we gathered from the merchants and build a simple solution within 2-3 weeks.

Get Merchant Feedback

Merchants test the solution that was built and give feedback for things that don't work as well as suggesting new features.

Apply fixes add new features

We apply the fixes and build new features based on the feedback we received from merchants.


We repeat the above 2 steps until the we have a solution that the merchants believe solves their problem.

Release App

We release the app to the rest of the public through the Shopify App Store.

Our work

Small Startup, big solutions

We like to build solutions to challenging problems that companies face or one's that we identify

Pug Feed (Shopify app)

A Shopify app that helps you create product feeds for multiple channels and embed discounts within each of the products.

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Flask Query Builder (Python package)

Build SQLAlchemy queries from API requests, this package allows you to filter and sort based on a request.

The team

Behind the scenes

Demos Petsas

Founder and CTO at App Prodigy

Full-stack engineer specializing in web development and software architecture, with experience varying from startups to large organizations.

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